Eligibility, Supportive Housing Program (SHP)

Rental assistance is provided through the Supportive Housing Program to help homeless persons meet three overall goals:
  • achieve residential stability,
  • increase their skill levels and/or incomes, and
  • obtain greater self-determination (i.e., more influence over decisions that affect their lives).

In addition to the common criteria for all SROs and family apartments, the following criteria apply for eligibility through the Supportive Housing Program (SHP).


Criteria #1: Homeless status
The applicant must be homeless according to HUD criteria "a homeless person is someone who is living on the street or in an emergency shelter, or who would be living on the street or in an emergency shelter without the SHP assistance".
Criteria #2: Disability

In the case of a homeless household at least one adult member must be considered disabled. Disability falls into one of the following categories:

  1. Chronic Substance Abuse - Must be a documented history & must impede the ability to live independently.
  2. HIV+/AIDS or AIDS related diseases – must impede the ability to live independently.
  3. Mental Heath - Diagnosis from a credentialed psychiatric professional i.e. signed and dated psych/social.
Criteria #3: Income
Income meets the low income definition established by HUD


38 beds 174 Units 23 Low-Income Units

For Women:
Mercy House- 19 beds
Manager of Emergency Services: Amy Lacey
31 Walter St., Albany
Ph: (518) 434-3531
Fax: (518)426-1276

For Men:
St. Charles Lwanga Center - 19 beds
Manager of Emergency Services: Amy Lacey
115 Grand St., Albany
Ph: (518) 465-4973
Fax: (518)449-3348

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DePaul Residence
- 50 units
Site Manager: Shyron Sanford
504 Central Ave
Albany, NY 12205
Ph: (518) 482-3248
Fax: (518) 482-0826

St Peter's Residence & Annex
- 51 units
Site Manager: Michael Finocchi
2335 Fifth Ave
Troy, NY 12345
Ph: (518) 273-3291
Fax: (518) 273-3169

Waldorf Residence
46 units
Site Manager: Don Arnold
29 Maiden Lane
Albany, NY 12207
Ph: (518) 465-2612
Fax: (518) 465-2614

27 units
Housing Program Manager: JoAnne Bragonier
52 Maple Street
Oneonta, NY 13820
Ph: (607) 436-9250
Fax: (607) 432-7329

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(518) 459-0183

Lexington Avenue,
9 apartments
from 1-4 bedrooms in size.

Third Avenue
8 apartments from 1-3 bedrooms in size

Clinton Avenue
2 apartments both 2 bedrooms in size

Broad Street
2 apartments - 1 studio and one 2 bedroom

N. Allen Street
2 Apartments - both 3 bedrooms in size

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Deborah Damm O'Brien, Executive Director
Thomas Coates, Director of Operations


41 North Main Avenue
Albany, New York 12203
. p. 518.459.0183
. f. 518.459.0202
7-1-1 for voice/speech relay